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Steve Repetti: In The News
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Scrapplet Launches New Mashup Tool with OpenAjax Support
May 19, 2009

Scrapplet, a service that’s a cross between a Netvibes-style start page builder and a browser-based mashup environment, this week released a set of new features for integrating web-based content within the browser...

Internet Marketing Revealed
February 10, 2009

All internet marketing ‘newbies’ should be rejoicing right now. I mean if you are someone who visited the Scrapplet site, (or even just heard the news that such a service were now available), and you weren’t terribly fond of the whole ‘HTML Thing’…I imagine that your first reaction (like mine) was… “Man! What took them so long!”

Scrapplet is Web Design Made Easy
February 5, 2009, by G4 TV - Attack of the Show (video review)

An ingenious new web tool has come our way and it makes building your own blog and/or web site super easy with a drag and drop interface and the potential to never have to touch the site's html. You're welcome.

451 Marketing Blog: Scrapplet
January 22, 2009

One of the newest members of the Social Web is Scrapplet: an emerging slate for combining and mobilizing distributed Web profiles, brand and content. Scrapplet is a customizable pallet for aggregating social profiles as well as a showcase for ideas, experiences, and expertise. - Aggregating Your Life On The Web
December 24, 2008, by Killer Startups

In a nutshell, Scrapplet is a new solution that lets you exert full creative control by aggregating your whole life into a single and unified place on the WWW. In a certain sense, it could be said that Scrapplet combines the power of the many social networking services and related social sites and you can even drag your friend profiles onto it...

...It goes without saying that I find this a very interesting initiative, and the site (which is very well-arrayed) definitely deserves a visit and some consideration. Wend your way to and see the thoughts that it elicits.

Mashup and Create a Website with Scrapplet
December 23, 2008, by Raju of TechnicallyPersonal

If you have some interesting stuff right now on your twitter stream and also on Friendfeed and if you like to capture it somewhere, what will you do? May be use some screen capture plugins like Snag-it or Fireshot? Now you can capture and post it on a webpage in lesser time than using snag-it! Check out Scrapplet which lets you drag and drop literally anything from any website and place it in your Scrapplet homepage!

Scrapplet Launches Netvibes Competitor
December 23, 2008, by Kristen Nicole of SocialTimes

What started as a Facebook app has grown into a full-fledged stand-alone service that lets you make scrapbooks (of sorts) from web content you find interesting or have created elsewhere on the web. RadWebTech has just launched Scrapplet, an alternative to services like Netvibes or even Tumblr, as it lets you collect items from across the web as well as integrated content from social networking and microblogging sites.

2009, The Year of Social Aggregation & Syndication: Scrapplet Paves the Way
December 23, 2008, by Brian Solis

Version 1 may not be intended for the masses just yet, however, the vision and mission for Scrapplet is to ultimately help everyone more effectively manage and present their distributed brand and persona, regardless of technical prowess. For those who can't wait, just view the tutorials and explore the options and menus - everything quickly comes into focus. With a little ingenuity and creativity, you'll find the options almost limitless for creating and sharing a more engaging and centralized online presence...

It’s time for the geeks to sit down and shut up
December 23, 2008, by Robert Scoble

If you look at it the geeky way Scrapplet is incredible: it lets you drag and drop pieces of the web over to your canvas and create a new web page. The technology underneath is absolutely incredible... (Scoble then goes on to state that Scrapplet is great for geeks but needs refinement for the masses -- absolutely true! smr.)

Scrapplet Sets Up Blank Canvas to Mash Up Web Activity
December 22, 2008, by Louis Gray

There are destination sites, and there are aggregation sites. There are enterprise-grade Web sites and then there are templates, easy to use for the average layperson. And then there is Scrapplet, a unique Web application that acts as a open slate for you to pull in data from around the Web, embedding images, RSS feeds, videos, and even complete Web sites, into a single page. The goal? Leverage the Web browser as the delivery vehicle, requiring no third party installations, and make your personalized site whatever you want it to be...

Scrapplet takes portable site creation to a new level
December 22, 2008, by Don Reisinger of CNET

RadWebTech, a company that specializes in Web technologies, announced Monday that it has opened its hallmark service, Scrapplet, to the public. Scrapplet was formally in private beta.

Friday, I had the opportunity to sit down with Scrapplet's founder and view a demo of the service. In essence, Scrapplet is a blank, browser-based canvas that allows you to drag-and-drop practically anything from any Website and place it on your Scrapplet page.

Want to grab your Twitter stream and put that on the same page as your Friendfeed? With Scrapplet, that's possible. In just a few simple maneuvers, Scrapplet allows you to highlight portions of a Web page or an entire site, drag it to the Scrapplet page, and modify the design of that page to make it fit. In fact, you can resize the site, change the site's colors, and remove borders. In essence, you can create an entire Web page out of existing sites for your own consumption...

Scrapplet: Powerful Social Web Canvases That Are As Easy As Drag-And-Drop
December 22, 2008, by Jason Kincaid of TechCrunch

There are a few sites out there that let you aggregate your entire online presence into a single place, but for the most part they offer little control over the way your information is actually presented. Today sees the launch of Scrapplet, a powerful new website/platform based entirely on JavaScript that allows users to design pages combining all of this information to their liking using a WYSIWYG interface. The site also offers a dizzying array of options - so many, in fact, that the site could be used by experienced developers to create pages that go far beyond showing off your interests and favorite photos.

RadWebTech joins OpenAjax initiative!
December 3, 2008

RadWebTech selected as Emerging Technology company
November 7, 2008, dBusiness News [details]

Facebook just got a whole lot friendlier!
September 27, 2008, by Lesley Smitheringale

"I have been using this wonderful addition to Facebook recently, called Scrapplet which has just been developed and launched by Steve Repetti.

I have always found Facebook to be a bit limiting in terms of creating and displaying photos, music, notes etc in a personal and artistic way. Everything seemed so isolated. That was until I discovered Scrapplet which is an addon for Facebook allowing users to create their own totally unique pages called scrapplets by simply dragging and dropping content from the web or using their existing media in Facebook..."

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