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Steve Repetti: Author
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Random Excerpts:

"Q. How can you efficiently build arbitrarily complex web-based and standalone applications in today’s environment that are easy to use, rapidly implementable, massively customizable, highly scalable, and readily maintainable?

The solution to this problem revolves around a handful of core components that are required to interoperate as efficiently as possible..."

"On the larger front, it is interesting to note that Google by itself does not really have a USER BASE to share, regardless of their CONNECT initiative. However, I believe this signals a MAJOR SHIFT for them from casual visitors (i.e. users of their search engine) to registered users with associated profile data. This is initially fed by iGOOGLE and ORKUT, but I think GOOGLE will now focus VERY HEAVILY on 'profiling' the world's user base..."

"There is currently a 'lands grab' going on in the social computing space that was started by the whole Data Portability initiative.."

"Initial gasps were replaced by soft murmuring. Ordered chaos prevailed as could only be found in a lab environment. All of which was now beyond Andrew's perception. His world had gone dark, but still there was more.

Less than 10 seconds would pass before the surge, a quantifiable period of time that would later be examined to the nth degree. Lab coats rustled and pulses raced. In those few seconds billions of connections were made and resolved in the cumulative minds of those present.

Like a silent countdown anticipation filled the room. For everyone there this was uncharted territory..."

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