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Steve Repetti
Founder, Chief Executive Officer / CTO

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Mr. Repetti has more than 20 years experience as an executive and technologist in the computer industry. His prior experience includes co-founding Fifth Generation Systems, Inc. and he currently sits on the board of directors of the international DataPortability organization.

Mr. Repetti is the author of the highly acclaimed social networking site, Zude, co-wrote the FGL open source programming language, and sits on the technological advisory board of Dean Capital.

Recent products designed and built by Mr. Repetti include:

Mr. Repetti is a frequent contributor to technology-related publications and has spoken at industry events as a leading expert in the Open Source and Data Portability communities. Over the years, Mr. Repetti and his products have been featured in numerous trade publications including PC Magazine, BYTE, PC World, and InfoWorld.

Prior to founding RadWebTech, Mr. Repetti was associated with Fifth Generation Systems, DirectWeb, Network Associates, and Above Software technology companies.

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